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European restaurants in Hanoi

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I'm in Hanoi for business and going to stay for quite a long time, and though I don’t love Vietnamese food, it's pretty spicy. Can anyone recomend some good European restaurants?

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One of my favorite is Marilyn, with its large terracce on roof over the Cathedral Square ; next door, the fabulous Porte d'Annam of the famous French Chef Borloo on 22 Nha Tho St (facing the cathedral), not cheap but extraordinary food ; same owner : Madame Hien 15 Chan Cam (2 streets north of the Cathedral) but I prefer Porte d'Annam, in my opinion one of the very best in Hanoi

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Here are some good addresses :
Italian : Meditteraneo on the Cathedral Square
French : Millenium on 11B Ngo Bao Kanh (near the Cathedral Square).
Same owner : Cafe de Paris 12 Luong Ngoc Quyen (bistrot donc - cher) ;
le Petit Bruxelles 1 Au Trieu (on the side of Cathedral Square).
Top : La Badiane 10 Ngan Ngu St but atrociously expensive

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