How to Enable Vinaphone 3G

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Hi friends, I'm wondering how to register 3G Vinaphone on my mobile and turning the data on ?

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To check Data balance: Make sms with "DATA" to 888

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Choose one plan as you like

3G Plans pay as you go:

Plan Period
Fee Free Data
Fee for over data
M10 30 days 10.000đ 50MB 0,5đ/KB
M25 30 days 25.000đ 150MB 0,5đ/KB
M50 30 days 50.000đ 500MB 0,5đ/KB
M120 30 days 120.000đ 1,5GB 0,5đ/KB

3g plans with unlimited data Vinaphone:

Plan Period Fee Free Data Fee for over data
Max 30 days 70.000đ 600MB Free
Max100 30 days 100.000đ 1,2GB Free
Max200 30 days 200.000đ  3GB Free
Maxs (for student) 30 days 50.000đ 600MB Free

Then Send a sms with content: ON to 6088. Example: On m25
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