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Different types & subspecies of Datnoids - Tiger Fish

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Widebar Datnoids (Datnioides pulcher) are available within the aquarium hobby under a variety of common names including: Widebar Datnoid, Siamese Tigerfish, Gold Datnoid, Tiger Datnoid, Pulcher Datnoid, Vietnam Datnoid, Mekong tiger fish and the Cambodian Tigerfish.

Care Level:Moderate
Maximum Size:24″
Minimum Tank Size:180 Gallons
Water Conditions:75-84° F, pH 6.5-7.5, dH 8-15
Origin:Southeast Asia, Mekong River, Chao Phraya River
Aquarium Type:Other-Monster-Fish

I gave a lot of inquiries about datnoides

Fellow of Datonioidesu are classified into five types.

1-Datonioides pulcher (Purukeru species)
2-Datonioides microlepis (Mikurorepisu species)
3-Datonioides campbelli (New Guinea Datnioides)
4-Datonioides undecimradatus (Four bar Tiger)
5-Datonioides quadrifasciatus (MANY bar Tiger)

Classify Datnoids by Region

  1. Vietnam Tiger Fish (Hổ mekong)
  2. Indonesia Tiger Fish (4 bar or 3 bar)
  3. Siamese Tiger Fish (big bar)
  4. Campuchia Tiger Fish almost like Vietnam Tiger Fish
  5. Mekong Tiger fish (the common name of Vietnam and Cambodia Datnoids)

Perhaps many of you have had a question, you can not convince
I think it's two types of above (Purukeru species and Mikurorepisu species).
In the distribution name, Siamese Tiger, this Dato, real band, Plus One,
The ... is various, such as Sumatra Tiger.
In English, that the Siamese Tiger together most of these (siamese)
There is also referred to, which is correct, mean that is wrong

Mainly Purukeru species has been living in Thailand, around Cambodia,
On the other hand, Mikurorepisu species Malaysia from Indonesia, Thailand,
I have a wide range of habitat to Vietnam. Much variation
(Region mutation) are many, there is a name only a few mutations, I have to complicate the story
Is also a cause.

The photo below is a plus one.

Since the band is one large micro it is called Plus One
Repisu is species.

What is the photo below?

The middle of the band is missing disappeared. In such Kalimantan Island
It is Mikurorepisu species with a little irregular pattern that inhabit.

The following will What? ?

This is Mikurorepisu species called real band.
This is the same type as the plus-one, but the band is one less.
It would be subject to real-ish impression from the word Real
Korezo is likely erroneously think it Datnioides.

The following will What? ?

Siamese Tiger if produced in Thailand, if Cambodia production
It is Purukeru species referred to as Cambodia Tiger.
The valuable that what this Purukeru species is currently, endangered
You say it's kind.
At first glance, I will feel like it is difficult to distinguish it from the real band.
One way to distinguish, see the dorsal fin.

In the above three Mikurorepisu species, and a black band to the dorsal fin
And whereas stretch, it does not have growth in Purukeru species.
(Because the creatures, of course exceptions exist)

Place this point in mind, please look at the following photos.

answer; Mikurorepisu species (real band)

※ that has been introduced as a method for distinguishing the V-band of the transition piece
Yes you, but there are individual differences, and the V-band in real band
There are individuals who have, so it is not a decisive.

answer; Purukeru species

answer; Mikurorepisu species (real band)

If this is a distinction, and their even being sold in any name
Believe it should is be able to purchase! !
Or real band has not been sold as Siamese Tiger,
In some cases Which integral with such Siamese Tiger real band?
There is also that it is distributed in the name, such as want to hear and.
Without resorting to too much name and origin, favorite to assess an individual
Please choose one animal.
Real band, both Purukeru is the fish which really attractive.

Finally, the present Dato.
In what recently, Purukeru, and are fully distinguished from such real band
Although be sold has become many, previously and Purukeru
Real band has been treated without being too sensitive.
They are collectively this Dato and Siamese Tiger, as such Datnioides
In order to have been sold, we are led to the current confusion.
Most of Siamese Tiger Please think real band. 

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So Mekong tiger fish are both Vietnam and Cambodia tiger fish. Now i can understand.
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I have some pictures help you clarify the difference of tiger fish

Real Siamese Tiger fish.

Anyway, I got this info: 

Chao Phraya D. pulcher are extinct, so all of them are coming from the Mekong River, primarily Cambodia and Vietnam.

A Real Siamese TIger fish can reach 60cm with skin very smooth. There is very few people keeping them now.

Mekong TIger Fish (Cambodian TIger fish)

Vietnam TIger Fish

Indo Tiger Fish

Mixed Mekong and Indo tiger fish

This is my guess

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