The oldest fish, The Lived Longest Koi Fish

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She is not a champion of the contest, nor the beginners koi. But the world of koi placing it in an unforgettable sequence. She is Hanako. The legend koi usually comes from of the Japan Show contest. But Hanako is so far away from the called by koi beauty, she just Higoi with red and white part decays, and mediocre body shape. Hanako is remembered as the oldest recorded koi on earth: 226 years.
Hanako, Lived Longest Koi Fish
Hanako, The Lived Longest Koi Fish
The owner is Dr.. Komei Koshihara, president of a girls' school, in the Nagoya Women's College. He is not so well known in the beginning. Until one day in the month of May 1966 he was interviewed by NHK Radio reporter. Radio of Japan is actually going to ask about something Koshihara truly liked. The answer: "I am delighted koi fish. I have a red carp that live in my home pool in Gifu. His name is Hanako, " Koshihara said.
The surprise was that he said when he interviewed Hanako age: 215 years old! That is, the koi is born when the United States has not been formed, in the era of Japan's Tokugawa Shogunate was still in full power. Koshihara tell that Hanako is androgynous female very tame and really friendly. Even if he was calling his name, "Hanako! Hanako! "This fish will be approached to be stroked. Hanako occasionally lifted out of the pool, put in a container for a closer look. Koshihara even have a poem for Hanako:
There lives in our pond Hanako, a carp
Longer than two hundred years and still.
Still brightly Aflame is Hanako, the red carp
Put a swimming long ago in Horeki by our forefather.
A bright day after rain, a killifish crosses the way
Of the red carp coming toward me at my call.
Hanako, Dear, thou eatest feed from my hand
Then fondlingly suckest thou my empty fingers.
The aged carp, knowing all the family history of ours,
Deep under the limpid water has gone.
She get it from her grandmother koi. The grandmother died in 1958 at the age of 93 years. Koshihara grandmother once told me, Hanako was there since he was born. And grandmother also get this from fish-in-law - my great-grandfather Koshihara - with the message: "This fish is already in our family since the first. Rawat she's fine. "
Not surprisingly, Koshihara really love Hanako. Because deep red color, this Higoi Koshihara named Hanako (bright red). Together with five other koi he Koshihara Hanako with painstaking care in the pond in Gifu, Ontake foothills, Province of Mino, Japan.
Hanako Koi Fish
Hanako Koi Fish
Then how Koshihara until the conclusion of the year of birth Hanako? According to his own confession Koshihara, the prediction is based on the annual ring koi scales that can be counted under a microscope - as the tree has a trunk circumference of annual in cross section.
As the head of a college, Koshihara easily utilize laboratory studies. So one day, pull out the two scales Koshihara Hanoko with tweezers (he told me about the repeal process with a sad voice), and brought to Prof. Masayoshi Hiro, researchers Laboratory of Domestic Science, Nagoya Women's College. It took two months of age Hanoko counting process, Masayoshi take photos every surface nano scales. The count at the time: Hanoko age of 215 years! Well, by the same method, Koshihara also know the age of five fish koinya others.
As old-old, Hanako just mortal beings. Koi along 70 cm was found dead on the morning of July 17, 1977. If the true count of Professor Hiro, Hanako died at the age of 226 years. It weighs 7.5 kg. Thanks to Hanako, hitherto referred to as an animal koi longevity.
Nevertheless, not a few people who doubted how to calculate the age of koi like this, including Peter Waddington, the author Koi Kichi of England is famous for. Some say, the appearance of the annual ring in koi scales can be used only until a certain age, but it was not until hundreds. You see, the annual ring may not be accurate because of the influence of weather, abnormal growth and others.
Hanoko whether or estimated age, he must have been very old when found dead. More than that, Hanoko has got its own place in the hearts of fans in the world of koi.


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It's now 226 year olds

Let me express homage to you, elderly fish!


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