Walking street in Ho Chi Minh city

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Is there a track that goes along the river in District 1 that I can walk along?

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There seems to a bit on the other side of the river from Saigon Wharf (Cay Bang) and a bit on Ton Duc Thang road. Have a look on google earth
Vietnam is not big on walking, everything is designed for motorised transport. Most of the locals will walk no more than a few hundred metres before looking for moto taxi.
For decent walking paths you have to get to the large beach cities like Vung Tau and Nha Trang.

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There are stretches along the river where you can walk.
But I must say, as a former Saigonese who grew up in district 10; with my sister still residing there, I've always jumped on a bike to ride to district 1, so I don't really pay attention.
The stretch from Ham Nghi northward is a good. They are working on making both sides of the river more attractive and conducive to walking.
The plan is to turn ít into a boardwalk.
Nguyen Hue st is being converted into a pedestrian area (during certain period of the day at first) starting some time in May, I think - at least that's the plan, as I know it.
It will lead directly to the riverfront.

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