Weather in Ho Chi Minh city in Summer

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I'm planning a trip from Hanoi to HCMC in July. I' m not afraid of some rain, but more worried about the heat. Anyone travelled in Vietnam in July and know how it is? It's ok with appr. 30 degr., but when reaching 35-40 I don't like it...

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Its not so much the heat but the high humidity which means you sweat profusely but it doesnt evaporate and cool you down as the air has reached saturation point by about 10am.
Do what the locals do and get up at 5am for an early breakfast after they've done their Tai Chi exercises then disappear during the heat of the day with a siesta and dont reappear till after 4pm.

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July is an easy 35* - 37* and 100% humidity in July and August. Normally I end up changing clothing (T-shirt and pants) 3 times a day if I am out between 11am and 4pm. The SUN will also bake you during that time. As Dirty says have a couple of beers and a nap between that time.
If you can swing it the BEST time in my opinion is Late March - May. Not to humid or hot buy very warm.

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