How to make Banh uot, Banh cuon?

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Please share me the recipe!

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Banh cuon ("rolling cake") are tender rice-flour crêpes filled with a luscious mix of pork and mushrooms and topped with fried shallots. Marcia Kiesel steams the stuffed crêpes in big batches on a baking sheet in the oven to get them on the table more quickly. 


With This tutorial, you can understand how to make banh uot, banh cuon, banh beo




1 bag of rice flour - 16 oz - 4 cups
4 Tbsp tapioca flour to 1 cup depend how tender you like
4 1/2 cup warm water, adjust to your taste
1 can coconut milk - about 2 cups or less
1 tsp salt
2 Tbsp oil
Mix well and set aside for 10-15 min before steaming

I used two 10-inch pans in turns to steam the mixture as shown in the picture below.

Depend on the thickness, the time to steam is varied: about 2 minutes for thinnest 1 millimeter thick for banh uot, 5-7 minutes for 2-3 millimeter thick for banh beo, an hour or so for a 1 to 2-inch thick for banh bot.




To cut into stripes then you have "banh uot". To roll it up then you have "banh cuon". To make it thick then you have "banh beo". This way to make banh beo then you don't have to wash too many tiny hollow plates. And thicker for banh bot then using the crinkle cut knife just as traditionally use.



To save energy, we boil potato or sweet potato in the bottom pan while steaming rice cake on the top pan.
We have two pans so we can in turn replace the cooking pan quickly. Put a pan in, rub oil into the pan.
To make a thin layer strips (banh uot), pour in the mixture very thin. Cover. Wait for 1-2 minutes to see the mixture to turn clear. It's done. Take that pan out and replace with the other one. Repeat the process.

To make a roll (banh cuon), use a spatula to roll it up. Can spread something in before rolling, such as green onion, cooked soy chunks, any sauce, etc. These rice steamed cakes are eaten with "nuoc mam chay" and any toppings you like. Traditional way comes with cooked mung bean paste, vegan bites, oily green onion or leek, and shredded soy protein "bi".



To make it thick (banh beo), pour thicker layer into the pan and boil longer until it looks clear. Can use the cookie cutter to cut round shape, or just wedges, triangles, squares. Eat with "mam nem chay" as originally and traditionally as Au Lac people do. Or you can decor and eat as popularly as normal.


To make banh beo ngot, add palm sugar or brown sugar into the mixture and serve with cooked  mung bean paste, coconut milk and roasted peanut chunks. Ohm. Yum! Yum!

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