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to jump the gun meaning?

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What's the meaning of "to jump the gun" idiom? Please give me some examples!

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jump the gun - Examples:

1)  Scale up to computerized scopes only when you're ready, don't jump the gun.
2)  And, as I have often experienced, when we do " jump the gun " so to speak, we get dumped, ditched, devastated, and dropped.
3)  After all, we did jump the gun too fast: you and me.
4)  Negotiations are still going on, and even if we did jump the gun, we wouldn't be ready to release anything.
5)  He is admitting that he wants to jump the gun i.e. he wants to act BEFORE the Iranians make the decision to build a bomb.
6)  Don't jump the gun; hold on a bit longer and get maximum specificity by pinpointing your desires.
7)  Don't jump the gun! # Don't jump to conclusions!
8)  Don't jump the gun! The rally has just started. It will last at least into January.
9)  As angry as I am and as much as I want to jump the gun I will not file this lawsuit in haste.
10)  Will the program jump the gun and offer him some sort of cash settlement as penance?
11)  I do not believe you ever jump the gun with the Lord -- you wait patiently for Him to move you.
12)  It may also convince Sony to try and jump the gun on the next generation console wars and get their system out the door first.
13)  So maybe think for a second before you jump the gun.
14)  Perhaps we should improve the theater experience now before we jump the gun and start demanding 70mm.
15)  Many parents jump the gun ahead of the second baby and rush to have the first child toilet trained.
16)  It's easy to see why Apple decided to jump the gun, and release a new iPad only seven months after its previous device.
17)  So let's not jump the gun too quickly about whether our bishops are " bright enough".
18)  Hopefully I didn't jump the gun to soon.
19)  Trend Micro pointed out in a blog in July that sources will sometimes jump the gun or blow a story out of proportion to add pressure to data security decisions.
20)  But, lets not jump the gun until we hear from the horse's mouth.
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jump the gun - Gerund Form:

Jumping the gun can lead to poor outcomes.
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jump the gun - Usage:

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Idiom Scenario 2:

Two parents are talking about their daughter, Rose...
Father: I'm so excited that Rose scored so high on her exams. Maybe we should start making the arrangements for Harvard.
Mother: Well, Rose has applied to all the big universities but we don't know if she'll get accepted to Harvard.
Father: I'm just so confident in Rose.
Mother: Me too. But I wonder if we're not jumping the gun.
Father: Of course. We should wait and see if Harvard accepts Rose.
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Idiom Scenario 1:

Two colleagues are talking ...
Colleague 1: This is awesome. I just sold seventy thousand units of the new product.
Colleague 2: Wow! That's fantastic. I didn't know the new unit was in production yet.
Colleague 1: It isn't.
Colleague 2: When did you schedule delivery of the product?
Colleague 1: Next month.
Colleague 2: Do you think that maybe you jumped the gun a little?

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Idiom Definition:

"to jump the gun"
to act hastily; to do something before it should be done

Synonyms: abrupt, breakneck, brief, frantic, gone off half-cocked, harum-scarum, hasty, headlong, heedless, hurried, ill-advised, impatient, impetuous, indiscreet, jump the gun, madcap, off the hip, off the top of head, plunging, precipitant, quick, rapid, rash, reckless, refractory, rushing, subitaneous, swift, unanticipated, uncontrolled, unexpected, unforeseen, violent, wilful, without warning

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