hanging over your head meaning?

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What's the meaning of "hanging over your head" idiom? Please give me some examples!

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Idiom Scenario 1:

Two colleagues are talking ...
Colleague 1:  Wow.  You don't look so good today.
Colleague 2:  Thanks a lot.  You know I've got this big report due by the end of the week.  My job could be threatened if I don't do well.
Colleague 1:  Must be really difficult to sleep with something so stressful hanging over your head.

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Idiom Definition:

"hanging over your head"
something fated in the near future, usually something unpleasant

Synonyms: coming, designed, doomed, intended, brewing, closed, compelled, condemned, directed, foreordained, impending, looming, meant, menacing, near, ordained, overhanging, predestined, predetermined, sealed, settled, stated, threatening, at hand, certain, compulsory, forthcoming, in prospect, in store, in the cards, in the wind, ineluctable, inescapable, inevitable, inexorable, instant, pre-designed, que sera sera, that is to be, that will be, to come, unavoidable, way the ball bounces

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Idiom Scenario 2:

Two students are talking ...
Student 1:  The stress is killing me.
Student 2:  I agree.  Every since the semester started and the professor announced that our projects would be worth 70% of our final grade, I haven't been able to find any peace.
Student 1:  It's been very difficult to ever relax with such a big project hanging over my head.
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hanging over your head - Usage:

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hanging over your head - Gerund Form:

When something is hanging over your head, you don't feel very relaxed.
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hanging over your head - Examples:

1)  By moving out before you sell you will be prevent any crunch-time deadlines from hanging over your head.
2)  I know how frustrating it can be with debts hanging over your head.
3)  You do not need the perils of a liable suit hanging over your head.
4)  Having issues hanging over your head is a leading cause of depression.
5)  Things change once you've got the ever-present threat of a monthly mortgage payment hanging over your head. Oliver has been central to that, with very serious accusations of betting offences hanging over his head - but he hasn't just survived this ordeal by fire.
6)  Without the threat of deadly force hanging over your head, why would you pay taxes to support the ruling class.
7)  You have this record hanging over your head till the day you die.
8)  I would rather solve my problems so they aren't hanging over my head as opposed to drinking or drugging them away.
9)  I stayed on a travel ban -- stuck -- with the threat of jail hanging over my head.
10)  I brought the meeting forward to Friday afternoon as I did not want this rubbish hanging over my head for a weekend.
11)  I had blisters on my fingers, lots of frustration, and a big project hanging over my head making me stressed out.
12)  I am looking towards enjoying life without the stress of assignments and exams hanging over my head.
13)  I still had the threat of separation hanging over my head.
14)  I'm glad the party was Thursday, it meant I didn't have it hanging over my head for the entire weekend.
15)  I want to bring this to a close swiftly rather than have it hanging over my head for a year or more.
16)  I've been enjoying the unusual feeling of not having an immediate deadline hanging over my head.
17)  I was left to my own devices for five long months with the allegations hanging over my head.
18)  The bills are mounting up. The deals are getting smaller and debts are hanging over my head.
19)  It's probably the worst time to be starting a new job with these feelings of hopelessness hanging over my head.
20)  There's nothing hanging over my head right now.
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