big fish - idiom meaning?

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What is the meaning of "big fish" idiom?

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Idiom Scenario 1:

Two employees are talking ...
Employee 1:  I can't believe the boss lady.
Employee 2:  Why? What happened?
Employee 1:  Well, you know, I keep coming up with all these great ideas to make the warehouse more efficient and when I take the ideas to the boss, she always discounts them.
Employee 2:  The boss is the big fish after all.  She has the right to discard your ideas, no matter how good they are.

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Idiom Definition:

"big fish "
the most important or influential person, usually in an organization, business or government

Synonyms: aristocrat, big enchilada, big gun, big kahuna, big wheel, boss, brains, business, CEO, chief, czar, exec, executive, expert, government, governor, guru, head honcho, important, influential, kingpin, leader, organization, pro, professional, specialist, top dog, veteran, VIP, whiz, wizard

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Idiom Scenario 2:

Two office workers are talking ...
Worker 1:  Why are you working so hard all the time?
Worker 2:  I want to advance in the company.  I want to get promoted.
Worker 1:  How high to you want to go?
Worker 1:  I'd like to be the CEO one day.
Worker 2:  So, you want to be the big fish, huh?
Worker 1:  I do.
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big fish - Usage:

 Big fish is not always complimentary and often has derisive undertones.
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big fish - Gerund Form:

Being the big fish comes with a lot of responsibility.
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big fish - Examples:

1)  You have always known who the big fish were. On both sides of the political divide.
2)  My focus is international. I want to get the big fish.
3)  They might fight the big fish but the little ones are the ones that are doing more damage.
4)  The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission which focuses on the small fish while letting the big fish go.
5)  The special tribunal versus the ICC was always a red herring because even if the big fish go to the ICC, local courts are not equipped to deal with the rest.
6)  The ' new horizon' of African oil and gas has started to attract the big fish of the international oil industry, Chevron, Shell, Exxon, and Total.
7)  I have always argued that the law seems to be softer on the big fish as opposed to the small fish!
8)  However, putting gifted students in average classes would produce the big fish little pond effect.
9)  Personal adaptation aside, leaving Toronto to become the big fish in a smaller Ontario market has its advantages.
10)  So he can foreclose on their houses and remain the big fish of all the ponds.
11)  Law enforcement usually rounds up the small fish and squeezes them to give up the big fish.
12)  White collar crime is the big fish, now.
13)  We incarcerate too many people for too small of offenses while we let the big fish eat us alive on Wall Street.
14)  ... destroying local farms in favor of big corporations... the big fish (businesses) are destroying the little ones...
15)   A large number of indie distributors went out of business, and now the big fish that remain ...
16)  Hey, some people think it is better to be the big fish in a small pond than it is to be in the ocean with a bunch of sharks.
17)  Well, I guess the big fish was, is and remains that smarmy arrogant creep, Walker.
18)  In short, the laws go after the little fish, not the big fish. Now, law enforcement is seizing domains.
19)  Choosing a niche offers you the ability to be the big fish in a small pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond.
20)  The Wild has landed its blue-chip defenseman and is working toward landing the big fish, blue-chip forward as well.
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