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cash on the barrel meaning?

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What is the meaning of "cash on the barrel" idiom?

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cash on the barrel - Examples:

1)  They simply grabbed the cash on the barrel and made a run for the door.
2)  You have to be willing to take yourself seriously and demand cash on the barrel.
3)  God knows what. Bought wheat at $1.67 a bushel, cash on the barrel.
4)  They're getting a lot of cash on the barrel for bringing in a partner.
5)  It's a means of beefing up the bottom line with cash on the barrel transactions that require no mucking about with nasty insurance forms.
6)  Rule #1: if you can't pay cash on the barrel, wait until you can.
7)   From now on in, they want cash on the barrel for any goods ordered.
8)  Everyone accepts the concept of' cash on the barrel at the pub.
9)  If you want a discount, you must pay cash on the barrel.
10)  I can't figure out a way to make money with off-track betting, a cash-on-the-barrel, book-making business.
11)   The company has paid the Department of Justice its bounty of which more than $9 billion is cash on the barrel head.
12)  Psst! Cash On The barrel For Moving Jobs To Ireland. (News headline)
13)  That’ll be cash on the barrel son you can make your choice you’re twenty one. No money down, no credit plan, no time to chase you cause I’m a busy man
14)  Under Obamacare, Health Insurers Want Cash On The Nail
15)  What do you suppose has happened to the idea of "cash on the barrel"?
16)  No credit allowed as terms are cash on the barrel.
17)  In most cases, you will be get a cash on the barrel offer for your property.
18)  If you are a patient willing to pay cash on the barrel, chances are you will pay less than insured rates.
19)  For a freelance writer, it's always cash on the barrel - no credit cards given.
20)  Cash on the barrel is money in your pocket, now!
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cash on the barrel - Gerund Form:

Paying cash on the barrel means that you can take your purchase immediately.
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cash on the barrel - Usage:

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Idiom Scenario 2:

A woman is shopping for some fruit at a street market ...
Woman: How much for the pineapples, please?
Seller:  They are $3.00 each.
Woman:  I'll take three, please.
Seller:  That'll be $9.00.
Woman:  Here's my credit card.
Seller:  Sorry ma'am. All purchases are cash on the barrel.
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Idiom Scenario 1:

A man is paying for his purchases at the register of a bulk foods store ...
Cashier:  That'll be $123.50, please.
Man:  Here's my credit card.
Cashier:  I'm sorry sir, but we don't accept credit cards.  It's cash on the barrel only.

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Idiom Definition:

"cash on the barrel"
immediate payment in cash (money)

Synonyms: almighty dollar, banknote, bankroll, bill, bread, bucks, cash, coin, coinage, dough, gold, greenback, hard cash, legal tender, pay, payment, pesos, silver

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