speak your mind meaning?

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What is the meaning of "to speak your mind" idiom?
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Idiom Scenario 1:

Ned and Grace are preparing to go out for supper at a fancy restaurant.  Grace has spent the last hour choosing a dress and accessories, doing her hair and putting on her makeup.  Of course Ned is ready to go and is waiting in the living room when Grace comes down the stairs.  Grace is wearing a red dress that is two sizes too small for her.  Her shoes are green.  Her hair is styled in an old-fashioned way and she is wearing far too much makeup.  Grace asks Ned ...
"How do I look?"
Does Grace honestly want to hear Ned's true opinion?
Do you think that Ned should speak his mind?
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Idiom Definition:

"to speak your mind"
to say exactly what you are thinking or feeling
assert, attest, aver, claim, contend, declare, insist, proclaim, profess, say, state, stress, swear, truth, uphold, vindicate, warrant
This man is speaking his mind - - - - -

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Idiom Scenario 2:

How to Speak Your Mind  
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It's hard to overcome the fear of speaking freely for what you believe. But speaking your mind is a skill that is used in many areas of life. Here's how to conquer that shy, sinking feeling.


Don't worry about how people react if you say what's on your mind. You have to understand that you are a citizen and you have the right to say what you want to say. You have the freedom of speech. Deal with people who are intimidating . Really, whenever someone glares at you, glare back and say what you have in mind. People can't just stare at you and expect you to be quiet, they don't own you. If someone looks at you and tries to intimidate you, make eye contact to show you're not afraid. Remain calm. It is important not to let your emotions take over entirely. Remember that this is just a conversation, and people will see you better if you speak calmly and slowly. Don't shout. Yelling doesn't make people hear you any better. In fact, it can cause them to tune you out. Speak clearly and make yourself heard, but you don't need to yell, just speak loud enough to let people hear your voice. Say exactly what you have in mind. Practice speaking your mind around your friends and family, they are the ones you have to start doing it with. Even when the most simple things are going on, such as deciding if you and your friends are going to the mall or to the theatre, or what do you want to eat for dinner, whatever, participate in it, say what you want and what you think it's better. Believe in yourself! If you believe what you have to say is important, others will too.


  • Practice speaking your mind and expressing yourself with your family, then with a group of friends, then with everyone.
  • Speak up when you feel like, but remember to respect other people's opinion too - they have the right to have their own opinions.
  • Be Yourself ;)


  • DO NOT let anyone intimidate you, if someone tries, stay strong.
  • Don't be too harsh about everyone, yes say what you really think but sometimes theres a line, don't cross it!

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Idiom Scenario 3:

Should the man in the video have spoken his mind?
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Idiom Usage:

This idiom is often used when a person states their opinion regardless of what the recipient wants to hear.
In the imperative:
"Speak your mind!"
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Gerund Form of the Idiom:

Speaking your mind can sometimes burn your bridges.
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Idiom Conjugations:

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