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I saw this word and definition about two months ago, but I can't remember where; I've been trying to find it ever since. I searched here and found a "lie-in" and elsewhere, "hurkle-durkle", but they both have more negative connotations.

This is a beautiful word for a wonderful feeling and has a good connotation. It's usually the feeling on a weekend or holiday morning when you can lie in bed and be grateful and happy to enjoy the peace and relaxation. Does anyone know a word for that feeling?

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lolling in bed? Also, luxuriating in bed.

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There's "lounge"

intransitive verb

: to act or move idly or lazily : LOAF
was lounging on the sofa
transitive verb
: to pass (time)
idly returned to Rome to lounge away the remainder of his days —J. A. Froude

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Chilling in bed.

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Laze might work:

laze verb
1.a. intransitive. To lie, move, or act in a sleepy listless fashion; to enjoy oneself lazily. Also with adverbs.
[selected sample]
1868 I had a very pleasant time, sailing, fishing, and lazing about.

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