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What is something you can find in Vietnam that you cannot find anywhere else?

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Coffee culture. In Viet Nam you see a lot of coffee shop and many people spend time in coffee shop. They there not only for entertainment but also for working, studying, meetup. I myself like to bring laptop to coffee shop to work (programming). Many students come to do group studying. When I stay in Malaysia and Thailand, I can't find that lifestyle, even those countries are very near to Viet Nam.

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Vietnam is known for its unique and delicious cuisine, with many dishes and ingredients that are unique to the country. Some examples include:

Pho: a type of noodle soup that is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine. It is typically made with rice noodles, beef or chicken broth, and a variety of herbs and spices.

Banh mi: a type of sandwich that originated in Vietnam. It typically consists of a baguette filled with various meats, pickled vegetables, and herbs.

Durian: a type of tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. It is known for its strong, distinctive smell and is considered a delicacy in Vietnam.

Vietnam is also known for its traditional handicrafts such as lacquerware, silk, and bamboo products. These are often used in traditional Vietnamese art and architecture, and make for unique and beautiful souvenirs.

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Uniquely Vietnamese things:

Ao Dai, traditional Vietnamese long dresses for women. You can find them in other countries where Vietnamese people congregate, but not in the same numbers. Similarly with Non La, conical straw hats.

Motorcycles on the road. Again, it’s the huge numbers that make them unique.

Cu Chi Tunnel near Saigon, an underground complex hundreds of kilometres long dug during the American-Vietnam war.

Son Doong and En caves in Quang Binh province, the world’s largest and third largest caves.

Ho Chi Minh trail. Hike a remote section in Quang Binh and imagine how hard life was for the foot soldiers.

Ha Long Bay with thousands of limestone islands.

Many uniquely Vietnamese dishes, e.g. Banh Mi (baguette rolls stuffed with various goodies), Canh Chua (sweet and sour broth with fish and lots of local vegetables).

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How about the world’s largest cave?

Son Doong Cave, Hang Son Doong
This only one of many pictures that look like the gates to heaven.

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