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What are the downsides of living in Vietnam?

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In my opinion, generally, vietnam is not a terrible place. Otherwise, it is very terrific and amazing with a lot of things to discover and experience.

It can be traffic. You can find it very difficult to cross the street or you can see some people break the rule like cross the red light. But if you live here a long time, you also find it easy. They can drive very fast but when they see you, they are skillful to not cause accident.

It can be food and drink. About Vietnamese food, i think nowhere in the world has diversity and delicious dishes like Vietnam.

It can be Vietnamese people. Although, they are quiet outdated, talkative, curious, they are really friendly, sociable, generous and so on with everyone, especially foreigners. Coming to Vietnam, you have feelings like at home, you will be welcomed like president :))).

It can be cultural tradition, education and so on. If you have not experienced yet, you could not understood deeply about Vietnam.

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‘Terrible’ is too subjective. When I’m in VN, I worry about a few things:

Traffic safety. It’s always been chaotic, but now there are far more cars and more trucks and private buses, all being driven as if they were big multi-wheeled 100CC Honda Dream II’s. The risk factor has escalated dramatically.

Air quality. It has only gotten worse.

Sanitation. Again, this has always been an issue, but with more and more people crowding into the major metropolitan areas, and improvements (such as cleaning up Saigon’s canals, which the government has done an excellent job of) have not kept pace.

Food safety, both in terms of local preparation and additives in the food chain.

The have/have-not divide is not something I fear presently, but it is on my radar screen.

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At the risk of me answering a troll: I have lived here for 24 years and like it overall. Yes, traffic is a mess and the pollution in the cities has reached alarming proportions.

On the plus side, the food is excellent, people are friendly and the country has a beautiful and varied landscape.

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It’s polluted and most food there have lots of chemical

In Vietnam it don’t snow

There are lots of bad people and kidnaping

There’s no real official Apple company

There are no good place to live except if you want to live in JW Marriot (Hotel)

Lots and lots and lots of insects

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