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Why did the Vietnamese traditionally view China as a threat? Do they still?

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Why did the Vietnamese traditionally view China as a threat? Do they still?

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Historically, Vietnam had resist China domination. it fought China when they first invaded Indo-China, it united with Siamese, Cambodia and Lao to fought China again in another invasion of Indo-China. Vietnam was conqueror during China that one time but broke free when that dynasty fell apart and keep remain independent throughout WW1, WW2, Cold Wars and still does now.

However the problems with why Vietnamese traditionally have a negative view of China stem from Border (Sea and Land) tension, nationalist identity and how China see the entire Indo-China as it “former” territories.

They are lock in a economic arms race with the USA, both wanting to establish a military present in the South Asian seas, China government uses the excuse of “Fighting again Western Influence” and “USA had invade the Middle East to…” as excuses to set up drone islands, military bases, battleships and other thing to bully other ASEAN nations. Whenever these sort of problems are brought up in the UN, China always blame the West Bias.

Evidence source taken from:

Chinese fishermen wage hybrid ‘People’s War’ on Asian seas - Asia Times

US warns China's aggressive fishing boats could start a war (businessinsider.com)

China’s military funds and trains hundreds of fishermen to challenge us (theaustralian.com.au)

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Why do the EU traditionally view Russia as a threat? Do they still?

However, the truth is EU still could compete with Russia in the fields like technology or economy things, even if Russia is generally much bigger, powerful with much more resources.

But compared with Vietnam,

China is, just too much,

It's extremely hard to find any way for Vietnam to compete with China no matter in which field.

In a word,

To China, Vietnam weighs nearly nothing in its mind, with or without Vietnam, there is no change for China to move on.

But to Vietnam, China is everything. To compete, to fellow, to conflict, to battle, to serve, it's always covered by the shadow or shape of China like an inescapable destiny.

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Yes. China as a threat, proven through out thousands of years in history, and still recently and today.

China took over Vietnam islands by force in 1974:

Battle of the Paracel Islands - Wikipedia

China attacked Vietnam along the border in 1979, taking some lands:

Sino-Vietnamese War - Wikipedia

China took over Vietnam island by force in 1988:

Johnson South Reef Skirmish - Wikipedia

There are a lot of Chinese warship attacking Vietnamese fishing boats around Vietnam waters.

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All around the world in history, a smaller nation always views the larger and more powerful nation as a threat, and this is because they are a threat.

It’s no different than Ireland seeing England as a threat, or Taiwan seeing China as a threat, or parts of eastern Europe seeing Russia as a threat, or Yemen seeing Saudi Arabia as a threat, or Nepal seeing China as a threat etc.

They see them as a threat, because they are an obvious threat.

Also Vietnam continued to see China as a threat, especially when China takes it’s ships down into the seas adjacent to Vietnam and claims those are Chinese waters, fishing is a large industry for Vietnam and losing their own waters to Chinese expansion would see Vietnam crumble economically and be even more susceptible to China.

Here is a map BTW of the region.


They next map is my own edit of that map, it’s what I would consider fair claims and ownership of waters.


I base ownership on how far the water is from your coastline, I think if the water is right next to your coastline, you should be the country that has the rights to that water, not another country.

China doesn’t agree with this however, instead China claims it basically owns all of the waters in South East Asia, the below map are China’s claims to what it owns.


As you can see China’s claims are simply ridiculous, China basically claims waters all the way up to the Vietnamese coastline, which is simply asinine.

China also claims waters basically touching Malaysia and the Philippines's long Palawan island.

There is simply no way for any countries in the world to take these claims seriously, they are insane.

As you can see China also colours in Taiwan as it’s own land there, as well as Japan’s southern Islands Ishigaki, Miyakojima, Tarama, Taketomi, Yonaguni.

These islands have never been part of China in history, and they are literally part of the Okinawan prefecture. These islands are home to 110,000 Japanese people, below is Ishigaki city in Ishigaki.


As well as Miyakojima city in Miyakojima below.


China is actually stupid to claim these as it’s own, because it makes China look insane and unreasonable. If China was a more intelligent colonist, it wouldn’t reveal it’s hand so early, it would instead just claim Taiwan first, then if it could succeed in taking Taiwan it would then claim Ishigaki and Miyakojima. However by claiming all of these from the start, instantly China makes itself look ridiculous.

Especially claiming waters all up until the Vietnamese beach, that is also flat out insane.

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Before answering the question, let me talk about the British Empire.

The UK used to control an empire ‘where the sun never sets’. At its peak, it controlled a quarter of the land on earth, the largest empire ever in human’s history.

After WW2, British Empire started to break up. The Brits let go of their overseas territories without looking back.

Not quite for Chinese.


Grudgingly, China acknowledged the independence of Vietnam, which historically was part of the Middle Kingdom. Deep in the heart of every Chinese, however, they still want their country to assert influence, if not sovereignty, over their neighbors to the South.

If the Vietnamese do not listen to China, they must be ungrateful fellows who forget about the benevolence of their former master. Or so the Chinese think.

They also hate Vietnam for abandoning the use of Chinese characters.


Chinese also can’t let go of Mongolia, and hope one day the two countries will re-unite.

They are brainwashed to believe that Mongolia was separated from China under the intervention of Russia/Soviet, against the will of its people. After all, China is the best country in the world. Why would Mongolians want independence? Some are shocked when they discover the truth - that the Mongolians resist the idea of unification.


Chinese are also still unhappy of Russia for annexing territories of Qing Dynasty. Secretly, many labeled former President Jiang Zemin, who signed border agreement with Russia, as traitor of the country.


I do not need to say much about Taiwan…

The Chinese just can't let go of their former land. Not even an inch (or a centimeter).

Until the Chinese learn to let go like the British did, Vietnamese, Mongolians, Taiwanese, and even Russians, will continue to view China as a threat.

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