comes with the territory - idiom meaning?

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What is the meaning of "comes with the territory" idiom?

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Idiom Scenario 1:

Two friends are talking ...
Friend 1: How's it going with a new baby in the house?
Friend 2: I never realized there was going to be so much clutter and so many toys and diapers and the crib and the playpen and just so much stuff.
Friend 1: Well, all that clutter just comes with the territory of having a baby.

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Idiom Definition:

"comes with the territory "
an expected accompaniment

Synonyms: apprehend, assume, await, bargain for, bargain on, be afraid, calculate, conjecture, contemplate, count on, divine, envisage, feel, figure, forecast, foreknow, foresee, gather, hope, hope for, imagine, in the cards, look, look ahead to, look for, look forward to, predict, presume, presuppose, reckon, see coming, sense, suppose, surmise, suspect, take, think, trust, understand, wait for, watch for

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Idiom Scenario 2:

Two managers are talking ...
Manager 1: Why are you looking so unhappy?
Manager 2: I have to let ten people go today.
Manager 1: And you don't like firing people?
Manager 2: No, not at all. I really don't like this part of the job.
Manager 1: You'd better get accustomed to it. It comes with the territory.
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comes with the territory - Usage:

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comes with the territory - Gerund Form:

coming with the territory of babies are mountains of diapers.
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comes with the territory - Examples:

1)  Given the wide-open nature of the Big-12 conference, giving up yards comes with the territory.
2)  I've got to be an adult about it and recognize it comes with the territory.
3)  Though inconvenient, older data comes with the territory; it's imperfect, but it gets the job done.
4)  It comes with the territory of exploring new horizons.
5)  Performing is not something I'm really comfortable with, but it comes with the territory.
6)  Like Paul, we know that persecution comes with the territory (II Tim. 3:12).
7)  Is some level of extra-marital involvement something that just naturally comes with the territory if you're Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Cosby or David Petraeus.
8)  Dealing with bullies and drunks comes with the territory.
9)  The task of getting everyone comfortable enough to learn comes with the territory.
10)  Writers always have confidence issues -- it comes with the territory.
11)  Back in Sales 101 you probably heard cold calling comes with the territory.
12)  Disappointment comes with the territory when you live on the bleeding edge of any technology.
13)  It comes with the territory, and you may need to make some changes to make life less difficult.
14)  You quickly learn not to take the editing personally. It comes with the territory.
15)  Competition comes with the territory when it comes to business, and things are no different on the web.
16)  He understands that it comes with the territory of being big and bearded but still hurts his heart a little when people think of him as stupid.
17)  I'm beginning to think that being a little self-absorbed and arrogant comes with the territory of being an artist.
18)  Sim values the broad spectrum of reactions to the art that comes with the territory of appealing to such a diverse audience.
19)  I have been building a startup and this just comes with the territory, short days and long nights.
20)  I am not complaining about working these shifts as it comes with the territory of being a nurse.
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