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Best way to go from Ho Chi Minh to Ben Tre?

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Hi all, I am arriving by train into HCMC in the early morning and want to go straight to Ben Tre the same day. I'm wondering bus, train, cab, what's the best, cheapest and most reliable option? From there I will go to Ha Tien - if we stayed in one other town on our way there, which one would you recommend we also visit? Thanks!

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You can get a taxi to Thinh Phat, Minh Tam, Hoang Khai bus stations in District 5. It's will be shorter than. They are good buses with air-conditioner and not expensive, just around 4usd/person/way. They take around 2,5h from Saigon to Ben Tre city. In Ben Tre, they have free shuttle bus for transfer from their bus stations to some places in Ben Tre city.
After Ben Tre, I suggest you should visit Can Tho city. You should stay 1 night in Can Tho for floating market and then you can go to Ha Tien. Can Tho to Ha Tien is approx. 200km.
Have a nice trip.

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Minh Tam is at 204 Su Van Hanh & Thinh Phat is at 25 Su Van Hanh. Give them your hotel name and they will transfer you in Ben Tre.

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