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Please suggest audio CD to learn basic southern Vietnamese

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Will be traveling to Saigon/Ho Chi Min city in March for about a week, and then will travel in the Mekong Delta region for another week. I do not know a drop of the language. Can someone suggest a audio CD that gives me the basic traveler survival guide for the southern Vietnamese dialect? Looked online, and not finding something that helps

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That said, with basic "hello", "please" and "thankyou", you will find most folks speak enough English for you to get by

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Attempting to learn sufficient VN language just for a holiday may not have the desired effect, due to the variables in dialects. Sufficient English is available for what you have in mind. In fact you will find that many VN will want to practice their English with you.

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While you're waiting, go through Annie's YouTube videos. Her dialect is definitely more southern than northern and a joy to listen to.

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