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Leather supplier distributor in Vietnam

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Hello, Just wondering if anybody's familiar with the leather crafting scene in Saigon? I'd love to bring home some leather crafting tools and some raw/processed leather back home. I've managed to find an entire street with shops that distribute textile and leather in Hong Kong Any tips are fine.

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Hoa Hao Street (take note of the spelling, they are two different words) is a long street that is being divided by a stadium. This stadium basically divide the street into two different District. One on District 10 and the other is on District 11. The area you want to search for the leather craft stuff are in the District 11 side. Just try to ask around and you will probably find it. There are quite a number of shops selling tools, leather, PVC leather, rivets, buckles and so on. I didn't get to walk much there due to time limit. Interesting place to explore.

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In Hanoi, there are some leather shop on Ha Trung St, in Saigon craftsmen usually go to leather shop Vinh Phat at 500N, Hoa Hao St, Ward 7, Dist 11.

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