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Booking a Mekon Delta day trip

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We are in HCMC for 4 days at the end of July and we would like to book a day trip. Would it be wise to pre book this in the next few days for example or book when we arrive in July. Any advice would be appreciated and also any advice on which tour company. Thanks in advance!

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It takes a good 2-3 hours to get into the mekong area and the same on return. You are far better making HCMC a 3 day trip and doing an overnighter in mekong. Accomodation is very good value in small family run hotels.
To me , the best time is at night near the rivers when the locals come out to visit night markets and small eateries in the cool of the evening.Some towns have barges or boats converted to restaurants that cruise slowly along the river, its an experience not forgotten..
If you can only do 1 day then My Tho and Ben Tre are the closest

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All i can say is if you book join in group to to Mytho, Ben Tre at some backpacker travel agencies for a few bucks. It will ruin and waste your day as they all go to tourist's conveyor belt...visit bee farm, local music show, donkey ride etc....
If your budget is okay, let's take a private tour to see authentic
Jun/July is low tour season and monsoon in Mekong. So you can book when you are here

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