up to snuff meaning?

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What's the meaning of "up to snuff" idiom? Please give me some examples!

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Idiom Definition:

"to be up to snuff"
to be as good as something or someone needs to be
to meet a minimum standard or level of quality
acceptable, average, balanced, competent, decent, fair, fine, normal, passable, satisfactory, sound, sufficient, suitable, well

By the end of the animation, the painter is literally up to snuff. - - - - ->  a bar on the left side is labeled in equal gradations from bottom to top, bad, not bad, OK, pretty good, very good.  A cartoon painter sitting on a chair tethered to balloons rises up the left side.  The painter's paintbrush is pointing to the words.  He rises up until his brush is pointing to OK an then a picture of a hand and face appear where the nose on the face is preparing to take some powdered tobacco resting on the hand.

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Idiom Scenario 1:

Bernie is a student in university.   He has been called into his professor's office for a talk about his performance this semester.
Professor:    "Hello Bernie. How are you?"
Bernie:         "Just fine, professor, thank you."
Professor:     "Good.   Listen, the reason I asked you to see me today is that I have been reviewing your work for this semester. You have not been doing well, Bernie. You have not turned in two assignments and your test scores have been low.    Your work is just not up to snuff.  I am worried that you may fail this course."
Bernie:         "Wow!  That's not good, sir.  I will work harder and apply myself and improve my work."
Professor:     "Excellent, Bernie.  I am sure that you will be back up to snuff in no time."

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Idiom Scenario 2:

James has quit smoking recently.  Since going on the wagon, he likes to keep busy.  Today, James is working in the yard.  He has decided to prune some of the trees that have become very overgrown.  He wants to try out his new tool for cutting tree branches.    James removes the first tree branch.  The branch is cut off reasonably well.  There are only a few ragged edges.  James did not have to use excessive force.  James remarks to himself...
"Not bad!  The performance of my new cutters is up to snuff!"
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Idiom Usage:

This idiom is informal.
This idiom is often used in the form:
to feel up to snuff
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Gerund Form of the Idiom:

Being up to snuff can mean that you are feeling well enough.
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