set the bar meaning?

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What is the meaning of "to set the bar" idiom?
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Idiom Scenario 1:

Two mothers are talking about their children ...
Mother 1:  "How is your son doing in school?"
Mother 2:  "Alright, I suppose.  His average score is around 85%."
Mother 1:  "And 85% is only 'Alright'?
Mother 2:  "Yes, I told my son that he needs to get at least a 90% average."
Mother 1:  "You have set the bar fairly high."
Mother 2:  "Yes, I have very high expectations for my boy."

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Idiom Definition:

"to set the bar"
to establish a level of competence or an expectation
Synonyms: adequacy, anticipate, anticipation, assume, assumption, capability, capacity, competency, confidence, expect, expectancy, forecast, hope, motive, outlook, possible, possibility, presumption, proficiency, qualification, skill, suitability, surmise, trust


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Idiom Scenario 2:

Two managers are talking about a new employee that the company has just hired ...
Manager 1:  "How's the new guy doing."
Manager 2:  "He seems to be doing OK.  I'll be happy if he just survives his first week on the job."
Manager 1:  "You've set the bar pretty low, haven't you?"
Manager 2:  "Past practice has shown me not to expect too much in the first week."

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Idiom Usage:

Set the bar:
high  ( if you have high expectations)
low  ( if your expectations are low )
too high
too low
in the middle
You may use other adjectives and adverbs to describe exactly where the bar is set.  (Of course, where the bar is set is a relative idea.)
If you set the bar yourself, you lead by example.  (With an expectation that other people will perform to the same level)
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Gerund Form of the Idiom:

Setting the bar too high can cause a person to become apathetic because the task seems impossible.
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Idiom Conjugations:

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