Juventus 1-3 Barcelona: completed a trophy treble

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The Spanish side opened the scoring after just four minutes, with Alvaro Morata equalising in the second half before the Uruguayan and the Brazilian secured the win

Barcelona completed a trophy treble in Luis Enrique's debut season in charge as they beat Juventus 3-1 in the Champions League final in Berlin on Saturday.

Luis Suarez produced his most crucial contribution of his short career at Camp Nou when he restored Barca's lead 22 minutes from time to effectively settle the game, after Alvaro Morata had cancelled out Ivan Rakitic's early opener.

A fifth European title looked set to be a more routine ask when Rakitic - the man to perform so capably in replacing the soon-to-depart Xavi this term - opened the scoring in the fourth minute with a trademark Barca goal, which saw nine of their 10 outfield players touch the ball.

However, while Barca enjoyed the better of the first half from there - threatening a Juve back line shorn of Giorgio Chiellini through injury - former Real Madrid man Morata struck early in the second period.

Having scored twice in the two-legged semi-final against his former club, Morata was afforded a simple finish after Marc-Andre ter Stegen had saved an initial effort from Carlos Tevez.

Suarez was the only Barca man not involved in Rakitic's opener, but the Uruguayan provided the crucial touch in his side's second, as he replicated Morata's finish when Lionel Messi's effort was spilled by Gianluigi Buffon.

Neymar had a header disallowed, via a handball, as Barca sought to put the game out of sight late on.

But it proved inconsequential in the end, as the Brazilian added a third with the last touch of the match to ensure that Luis Enrique's side repeated the treble-winning achievement of Pep Guardiola's Barca in his debut season of 2008-09.

The victory also provided Xavi with a successful send-off to his career with the Catalan giants before he joins Qatari club Al Saad.

European success continues to elude Juve, meanwhile, with the Serie A side coming up short in their attempt to win the continent's most prized trophy for the first time since 1996 and their own treble bid.

asked Jun 6, 2015 in Sport, Game by seastar_16784

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2 trebles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>la decima

answered Jun 6, 2015 by datcuncon_2011
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Pirlo cost us the game, Tevez didn't do much on the night. i can't stand this whats the point of been in the final when you lost 6 like us

answered Jun 6, 2015 by bagheraltk
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Vermaelen absolute legend. .played 1 game and wins a treble

answered Jun 6, 2015 by pigkutehaynoiloiyeut
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Real Madrid is the club of the past.
Fc Barcelona is the club of the present and future. The differnce between Barca n Madrid is humongous. Barca is the best club in the world, Madrid is tottenham hotsprus compared to us. Million years behind.

answered Jun 6, 2015 by 11_90
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I already have Rakitic's crazy hairline, I just wish I had his money!!!! lol

answered Jun 6, 2015 by tuankiet_it
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Nice to see the juve supporters crawling back to their caves after trash talking so much in the days leading up to this game

answered Jun 6, 2015 by Curcio
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I'm Inter supporter n I think dat ref failed to give a penalty for a foul on Pogba from Uefalona

answered Jun 6, 2015 by valley_22p
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This has been truly a tough week mates: my girlfriend cheated on me, I got evicted from my home, my goldfish died and today Juve fell to the Barça Midget Patrol!!!!!!! But I must keep going!!!!! Forza Juve, we will persevere!!!!

answered Jun 6, 2015 by Chizkia
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Vidal hurt Juventus so much today he might as well put on the Barca jersey...he let his man run right by him on the first goal and played like an amateur who did not belong on the field....this is not the first time Vidal has played really badly.....he gets to take all the penalties for Juve and often his penalties really masks the numerous bad games...selfishness, doesn't track back, bad passes, shots, you name it....now having said that

I didnt understand why Juve started to press for the go ahead goal after it was 1-1...it was shocking for me to see Barca become the counter attacking team with literally 3 on 1 and 4 on 2 counterattacks down the field....if anything after tying the game they should have let barca come to them and they in TURN counterattack....Allegri talked about inexperience after the game and IMO he was the one that looked that way....Morata was not happy being subbed and lets be honest..lorenta should not be your first choice striker off the bench...Matri is faster and more explosive than him....Juve needs a better bench to contend for the title....i would like Sturaro to have played....Marchisio was a beast today and i have no doubt Stefano would have been equally effective for Juve in disrupting Barca and the midfield, playing good defense, winning tackles, etc...anyhow...still it was a great game

answered Jun 6, 2015 by chip_love_skate
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Neymar played well but he wasn't the man of the match

answered Jun 6, 2015 by maga1192002
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