Foreigners think that China considers Vietnam as a part of its land

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Do Chinese consider Vietnam / South Korea as part of China? I don't remember Chinese Foreign Ministry had said something like that. And most of Chinese people don't think it right.

asked Apr 23, 2015 in History by sweetestgirl_1201

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You are actually not asking about Chinese foreign policy, but a cognitive process instead. It is actually quite simple.

1. First impression is vital. Many people first heard of China as an evil power and Chinese people are communists who are eager to conquer the world.

2. And one tends to read about whatever he deems true. In this case, a horrifying China. Selective attention will enhance the picture.

3. China does have territorial disputes with India and a few other countries, their might be a village or two in Country X that nobody knows for sure to which country they should belong, and China makes a claim on this very village but never made any moves.

4. Tibet, on the other hand, is claimed to be part of Chinese land.

So, what are the key words that an average person would remember if he heard all these in morning news while he was putting on his tie with half a doughnut in his mouth or desperately honking in traffic jam?

answered Apr 23, 2015 by Cranston
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I'm Vietnamese and I can answer your question based on what I know about the Vietnamese. Most Vietnamese think that China wants to invade Vietnam and make it a part of China. At school, Vietnamese children are taught about the many Chinese invasions of Vietnam and parents tell their children that China has always wanted to invade Vietnam but still hasn't found the right time. It doesn't help that recently there are disputes between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea. Most Vietnamese think that China is getting more powerful now and will invade Vietnam soon. It is a totally illogical fear I know, since the world has changed and clearly most Chinese people nowadays do not have imperialistic ambitions in taking over neighbouring countries and are just content that their economy is going well and that China is becoming more prosperous. In today's world, land expansion is no longer feasible and profitable, but still the anti-China sentiment has became a deep part of our culture. Our history is shaped by being independent and winning our independence from China. Most of our heroes are those who resisted against Chinese invasions. Today if you go to Vietnam, most of the important roads are named after these people.

Still there is a very love hate relationship, because as much as the Vietnamese hate China, they also really love Chinese culture and history. Chinese civilization is admired and Chinese cultural elements are readily welcomed and embraced. I would say Vietnamese culture is very strongly influenced by China, this is seen on all aspects of traditional Vietnamese culture from celebrations to traditional clothes and music. Chinese loan words in Vietnamese are considered more elegant and poetic than the native words and Vietnamese have adopted many idioms that are translated literally from Chinese (even approximating pronunciation). Chinese poetry is also very appreciated especially on New Year day.New temples being constructed still have signs written in Chinese characters even when most of the population can't read them. So you can see, it is a very strange relationship. Hopefully since the world is becoming more globalised, more Vietnamese people will be using sites such as Quora so that we can clear this misunderstanding. It's better to make friends than enemies :)

answered Apr 23, 2015 by toiditimtoi
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China come to strongest country in the world, so obviously China get many jealous.

answered Apr 23, 2015 by naga_13_87
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First because, historically, that is true.
Second, because China IS indeed invading what Vietnam considers their own territorial waters. China considers it its own.
Third: Propaganda. The Vietnamese government has been spreading this forever, in order to keep their own people united. An external enemy distracts people from your own shortcomings - see how the americans invent enemies abroad every now and then; See how North Korea demonized the USA. It's all circus.

That being said, it's obvious that Vietnam obsesses way more over China than China thinks of Vietnam.

answered Apr 23, 2015 by Dilwyn
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Both Korea and Vietnam was Chinese territory in Han dynasty, but it's already 2000 years ago (1 BC - 1 AD). And the modern sense of nation and territory starts roughly from 16 AD (meantime of the Renaissance). So of course Vietnam and Korea can't be seen as Chinese territory today.

Even that, I can understand that you have had seen these opinion in Internet, because on Internet you can see very diversified opinion even some of them are ridiculous.

answered Apr 23, 2015 by lyxuan
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