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Company introduction
Shenzhen Jaste Solar technology Co., Ltd, established in 2014, is a rapid growing 4G solar powered monitoring product development and production provider. The company has been committed to video recording, storage, transmission and display. We devote to a wide range of innovative applications , In the fields of 24/7 video recording, mobile video surveillance and other applications we’ve created many "first launch" records, by which we got the market's attention and favor. Jaste solar is full of enthusiasm, to meet new challenges, and to create a better future.
Make recording and monitoring become more convenient to serve human.
Product orientation
As a high-tech company, which integrates design, production and marketing, we specialized in 4G solar video recording and monitoring. We aim for a wide range of medium-end and low-end applications. The main features of our design are convenient usage of enhanced videoing and monitoring and new experience with differentiated design ideas. At present, we mainly focus on outdoor 24-hour video recording, local storage of wireless 4G solar video surveillance, network video surveillance and other series of monitoring solutions
Business philosophy
 Application, "application is king", is our business philosophy. As an innovative application-oriented enterprise, Jaste Solar technology Co., Ltd. Pays special attention to customer's product experience. We do not deliberately pursue product excellent performance and top technology of this industry, while, through asymmetric innovative applications, to ensure our competitive advantages in video surveillance industry. That’s to say, in the evolution of traditional analog video surveillance to the digital, high-definition, network technology, we keep away from hot concept and hot products, according to the specific application scenarios, integrate all necessary technical methods to enable customers a comfortable feeling and just right application experience in the product installation and maintenance.
Open cooperation model
In order to better meet customer demands, we stick to open cooperation mode and let our R&D be driven by customers’ needs. Through continuous innovation and development with new technology, updated products, novel solutions, and business management to enhance customer satisfaction. For instance, on the premise of core technology safety and good quality, we can provide certain OEM & ODM services, or engage in horizontal commercial interaction with customers.
Effective incentive system and employee growth concerns
We’ve built a complete set of incentive system, which conducts fair and effective assessments for marketing department, for research and development department, for production and logistics departments. So that each employee can link their work to the company's overall performance, and thus forming a strong impetus to the development of our company. We focus on the personal growth of our employees, help them to analyze and develop their personal career planning, and give them appropriate development opportunities. Meanwhile, we encourage our employees to learn and enhance working skills through various channels
Rich staff cultural life
We holding large-scale outdoor tourism activities every year, intends to get relaxed, to increase staffs communication, to build employees positive and good attitude towards life. While, the company also often carries out a variety of cultural and sports activities, such as climbing, all kinds of ball games, watching movies, singing songs, etc., to enrich our workers’ life in spare cameras for sale manufacturers
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