clear stand up bags for sale

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Perforated plastic bags for bell pepper packaging in the vegetable sector
For the vegetable farmers in organic agriculture, horticultural growers, and wholesalers, Supouch can provide you with best quality clear plastic produce bags for fresh vegetable like cherry tomato, lettuce, pepper bell, mixed salad and cut herbs.
Supouch is a manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic produce bags in China, we export vented plastic bags for organic vegetable brand in USA, EU, New Zealand and Australia. In order to serve the consumers fresh nutritious products, the vegetable bags are micro-perforated with venting holes to facilitate air flow diminishing the heat and moisture generated by the respiration process according to different respiration rate of the living vegetables.
The vented plastic produce bags are made of anti-fog BOPP CPP clearly transparent film for a superior display of products with custom gravure printing of brand, logo and origin information. Flexible fresh produce pouch bags are available in square bags for small quantity and stand up pouches for large contents needs of 1 1/2 or 2 pounds. Stand up pouch bags stand vertically with high graphic and vibrant color printing showcasing the freshness and recipe of the herbs, cherries, pears, cucumbers, etc. in the bag. Supouch also provide a full service of label application by our label applicator equipment for purpose of promotional sales, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP or CAP).
Die cut handle and slide zipper are two convenient features for stand up pouches bags in packing vegetables, herbs and plants ,as consumers can grab and go without losing time of weighing and packing the products in supermarket.clear stand up bags for sale
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