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Hello, I would like to register internet for my new house in Vietnam. Please give me the VNPT phone number to register.

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You can call this number
18001166 or 38700700

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You can check avaible packages here:
There are some packages
+ For personal use (unlimited bandwidth)
1 Modem ADSL 2+, 2 ports 275.000
2 Modem ADSL 2+, 4 ports 385.000
3 Modem ADSL 2+, 1 ports, wifi 450.000
4 Modem ADSL 2+, 4 ports, wifi 600.000

+ For business (unlimited bandwidth, Bussiness line max speed, static IP):
Fiber is the best choice: monthly fee range from 400.000 to 1.300.000

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